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Helpful Hints for Language Learning at Home!

o Make a scrap book of all the words we learn in our Nursery sessions and draw pictures for the vocabulary!

Use a mime with your children when trying to learn a word
o Make them laugh
o Sit down together and have good eye contact
o Learn together
o Look at web sites such as the BBC who have some great resources tailored to all ages
o Pretend to put on different voices
o Use puppets to practice the words
o Go outside and point at objects.
o Play snap with items/cards and say the word after snap
o Look at my facebook page @nickyslittlelinguists for my uno, dos,tres song and sing it together or watch my you tube videos on my channel ‘Nickys Little Linguists’

Your children are like sponges at a young age – its an ideal time to learn languages, without embarrassment, they just mimic and have brains that seem to remember everything!!