Nursery Sessions

At a Local Nursery Having Fun!

I visit all Nurseries weekly (in term time) and Sessions are for 25/30 minutes and include:

• A mixture of sitting, dancing, miming, lots of changes of activities to keep children interested!
• Waking up the puppets from La Bolsa Mágica which Jumps up and Down!
• Meeting Dino the Dinosaurio and his friends!
• Lots of Songs and lovely music!
• Miming and Mimicking (which is key to language learning and remembering the words)
• Original Songs….plus lots of old favourites in the Language!
• Original stories about Dino and his friends!
• Ryhmes
• Great visuals – pictures and items brought in each week
• Chances to individually speak in the language!
• Games
• Puppets for children to role play
• Lots of Non-Verbal Communication too and being loud, quiet, quick and slow!
• 2 New words each week
• Tailor made to your Nurseries topics each week which consolidates learning on a topic or book
• A sticker and phonic vocabulary sheet to bring home each week!