About Me


Hi. My name is Nicky Chamulewicz and I am a local mum of 2. I have always loved speaking languages and studied French and German at school and college before working abroad for 5 years where I started learning Spanish.

Later on I studied Spanish for the first of my Institute of Linguists exams while I was working for Vodafone in Newbury. I then went to Madrid where I studied and work towards my Degree in Spanish. A PGCE followed and teaching in a Secondary School.

I have had experience teaching all ages and since 2008 have been lucky enough to offer and teach French and Spanish Sessions in local Nurseries. (And Schools too!) which has fitted in around my children.

I love languages and being able to speak with people all over the world and I want to share that passion with all of you. Being able to converse and connect in another language is such a fabulous skill and brings such a sense of achievement.

In our country we are not the best at being able to converse in other languages, let’s try and change that. If we start teaching out little ones now, this will create a new cycle of language learning in our country.

The sessions I run in Nurseries are all about the language, the children and having fun!

In addition I am a big believer in praising children, I use lots of eye contact, lots of encouragement and the children come away feeling good about themselves…they have achieved learning some new words and laughed and had fun – very important!

Using a proven successful format to my sessions, I provide an easy fun way for your children to learn another language. At present, Nicky’s Little Linguists is just me – no franchise, no contract, simply a Fun and engaging language learning activity!

I am an affiliate member of the Institute of Linguists and am currently studying for my Diploma in Translation (Spanish to English).